The Moon and The Spade

Metaphysical, Magical & Spiritual Resources

We offer items to make your space sacred; Palo Santo, Dragon’s Blood dipped White Sage, Healing, Spiritual and Metaphysical Art, Healing-Crystal infused products, astrology constellation candles, aromatherapy, Empath Protection Sprays and many more.

Being an Empath myself, I created a few products, back in 2011, that I couldn’t find but knew I needed if I were to stay sane during some very turbulent and surreal times.

I was grateful to discover early on I could easily develop my spiritual gifts and use them to work for meby helping others. I can also help you develop yours. Helping others, helping animals and especially helping empaths is my life's purpose.

If you feel anxious, depressed, or depleted more often than not, and wish there was an off switch to absorbing the energy and emotions of everyone in your space, I can help. If you are wondering if you could be going crazy I can teach you how to neutralize & clear your energy field and harness the magic of your innate spiritual gifts, in a way that elevates & empowers you. You will never have to question if the depression you are suddenly feeling is yours, or someone in your surroundings.

Our products are all handmade - from the art pieces that are made from recycled, repurposed, and upcycled wood, wall decor & wall hangings, astrology candles, and salves, serums, oils, sprays. All these are personally handcrafted by us so their signature is the love energy we have for creating things that will transform your life in a positive way. 

Altars/Shrines/ Shelves
Our portable and custom made altars or shrines are all handmade, using almost entirely recycled or repurposed wood and metals. These will resonate with you if you are aligned with the divine, the universe, or source energy for healing and protection. They represent an invitation or an evocation for the divine to enter your space and offer presence for you and all who enter your home, office, or scared space. The handcrafted altars and shrines are truly magical, & unique. They take on a life of their own.


We carry a variety of different crystals. The ones that have been the most popular are spheres of all different kinds of crystals as well as Super 7 or Melody stones.

Our signature sprays, such as our Energetic Boundaries spray, was the first product I created while still working as a counselor in an upscale residential treatment center. Effective in protecting Empaths from the negative, attacking & draining energies in the environment; by transmuting the negative energy then acting as a buffer before entering your auric field, and depleting you of your own abundant energy reserves. Healing Crystals are used to achieve this effect. The water is infused with various healing crystals and each spray has it's own secret recipe or cocktail of crystal-infused water before being blended with the essential oils.

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We proudly hand make, all of the toxin-free skin products we have, clean, mostly organic and potent serums as well as cleansers and masks to deep clean, tighten and renew your skin without the harsh chemicals & preservatives known to be toxic and dangerous to you, our planet and it's inhabitants.

 As it should be.