Astrology Sign Candle, Soy Wax Candles


Zodiac or Astrology, Crystal Infused Candle for Gemini

These soy candles are hand poured in Ojai, California. The are infused with the healing qualities of crystals as they are placed in the jar before the wax is poured. Each candle holds the healing vibration of the crystals that are associated with each zodiac sign.

For example; rose quartz the love stone and pyrite, or fools gold, are associated with Taurus. So you should expect to find Rose Quartz and/or Pyrite in each candle for a Taurus. Cards describing the healing qualities of each crystal are included.

Astrological Archtypes

ARIES-  Know that when you burn this Aries candle, you are celebrating and invoking not only the qualities of Mars but the Archetypes of Aries. Some of these archetypes are The Warrior, The Warrior Goddess, The Competitor, The Initiator, The Individualist, Joan of Arc, or Artemis for the feminine side and

TAURUS- archetypes- The Model, The Lover, The Musician, The Artist, The Dancer, or the ModelYou can take advantage of its potent energy for celebrating the Taurus Season, birthdays between April 20-May 21

PISCES- Know that when you burn this Pisces candle, you are celebrating and invoking not only the qualities of Neptune but the Archetypes of Pisces. Some of these archetypes are The Bohdisattva, The Artist or Musician, The Mystic, The Dreamer and The Empath.

GEMINI- The archetypes attributed to Gemini are, The Court Jester, The Trickster, The Perpetually Youthful, Hermes, Mercury, Thoth mand Loki.

These candles make perfect gifts, all year round! Buy one for your favorite astrology-geek friend and show them just how much you appreciate them!