Clear the Bad Vibes Spray, Empath Protection, Palo Santo Spray


Clear the Bad Vibes Spray


     Are you an Empath, Healer, HSP, or Intuitive? Do you know the importance of energy or space clearing to keep yourself grounded and sane? Don't you wish you could just spray away the bad vibes someone left you with? Now you can!

This is the latest spray that I added to my list of Empath Protection Sprays. Clear the Bad Vibes is made from a proprietary blend of essential oils and is made with spring water that has been infused for at least 72 hours with heaaling crystal:
Black and Pink Tourmaline: The metaphysical properties that have been attributed to Black Tourmaline are: protection against negative energies and psychic attacks. It does not absorb negative energy, but instead it transmutes it into positive energy, it encourages good luck and happiness. It is known by some in the metaphysical community to be the best protection stone one can have. Rose Quartz, Rhodonite and Smokey Quartz.

Palo Santo Oil is derived from the wood of a Palo Santo tree and is native to South America; the name means "holy wood." It is used to clear negative energy, purify, and recharge a space, crystal, or even your own aura, also known as "smudging." It is the South American version of burning White Sage or Sweet Grass for Smudging, Clearing, or Cleansing a Space It is well known for Bringing Positivity to Your Space. However some people dislike are unable to actually smudge due to the smoke that comes from it. This is the next best thing, if not better from the real thing.

White Sage Oil- comes from the sage plant. It’s known for it’s purifying action on the spirit and atmosphere. White sage is used ceremonially for cleansing spaces. It is said to not only clear negative energy but also to attract positive energy. This is ideal for those that cannot burn sage for various reasons.

Additional oils include rosemary and peppermint.

All in all, Clear the Bad Vibes Spray is cleansing, uplifting, healing, leaves an aura of happiness, as it helps to raise one's vibration and induce relaxation through protecting and transmuting negative energy into positive energy. I created this spray to protect myself but more importantly to negate the negativity around me.