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Green Amonzanite Crystal Sphere Ball, Healing Crystal


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Amonzanite Round Sphere
-A Gentle, Soothing & Calming Stone
-Opens and clears your heart chakra of toxic emotions
-Represents Prosperity & is a great stone for manifesting money, used by gamblers to manifest winnings
-Helps unleash your creativity
- Brings Joy and Happiness and shows you how to keep it in your life
-Helps you communicate clearly and openly with your loved ones without losing your temper
-Energetic Filter for Electro Magnetic Pollution from cell phones, microwaves, wifi & computers.
About Healing Crystals in General:
A crystal is made up of regular atomic particles, all placed in a very specific formation depending on the crystal type.  Each crystal is unique in its structure.

Everything has been found to contain these basic building blocks, even down to the planet we are living on, but structured very differently, and these atoms emit an energy that is initially in harmony with all its surrounding cells, relevant to its location and interaction with other fields.

Physicists suggest that humans, and other organisms, are liquid crystals, displaying a more complex pattern and rhythm than the solid form.
If these structures are put under strain or pressure or stress they change or distort, emitting different irregular energy patterns creating disharmony.  They can become polluted in many ways, and start to become dis-ease.
Due to the inter-relationship between the crystal and human, our electromagnetic field can be healed by the constant pure vibration of the crystal that has a constant pulse of energy and it omits energy with a specific rhythm, it can help re-align or repair these damaged or diseased cells in us. Therefore truly earning its name: healing crystals.