Healing Rose Balm, Rose Salve, Rose Cream to Rescue Dry Skin


  • Handmade artisan skincare
  • 96% organic
  • Healing Rose Balm
  • Healing Hand Cream
  • Rose Body Lotion
  • 2 oz of Intoxicating Rose Goodness

Exhilarating and skin transforming Rose Hip Body, Face Cream and Salve. The perfect skin remedy and rescue for aging, dried or cracked skin.

Almond oil is infused with rose petals and small rose buds, and is left to sit curing for a minimum of 30 days. It is then mixed with pure beeswax, Bulgarian rose wax and finally rose Otto essential oil to create this amazing skin cream.

If you love the smell of roses this will be something you buy over and over again. The scent is amazing!