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Large Amethyst Druzy, Healing Crystals, Crystal Healing, Energy Healing


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Beautiful AA quality
Weighes under 2 pounds
5 inches in length
3 inches across
Can be held during meditation

This beautiful large Amethyst druzy isa must have for any serious crystal enthusiast. It can be used to hold other crystals during a cleaning. It is known as the sobriety stone as it aids in making choices with clarity and helps calm the stress that leasds to substance use disorder.

Here are some of the other remarkable qualities of Amethysts:

• Spiritual insight
• Promotes a sense of good judgment
• Provokes honesty
• Encourages a quiet and calm mind
• Aids in meditation to find deep inner peace
• Comfort at times of loss or grief
• aids sleep, dreaming, inspiration and intuition

Amethyst is believed to enhance intuition, inspire creativity and encourage peace and stability. Helps to stimulate the crown chakra and calm your thoughts, making them a wonderful healing gemstone to meditate with. One of the most important of the amethyst properties is its ability to attract positive energy while simultaneously ridding your body of negative energy--which includes feelings of stress, fear and other negative emotions.