Online Course for Empaths, Support & Development Group for Empaths


Online Empath Support and Development Groups Facilitated by a Social Worker with over 12 Years Experience in Group & Individual Sessions. The Classes Are Ongoing and New Groups Form Monthly. The Facilitator is Also an Empath. In this class you will:

  • Learn How to Neutralize Your Energy so Your Anxiety and Panic Are Minimum
  • Learn How to Differentiate between Which Energy is Yours and Which is the Collective's 
  • Identify Which Innate Gifts You Have and How You Were Meant to Use Them
  • Develop Your Gifts so You Can Learn to Heal Yourself/Others
  • Meet Your Higher Self & Cultivate a Working Relationship Together
  • Meet Your Spirit Guides/Unseen Friends and Develop a Trusting Relationship
  • Find Your Tribe! Get to Know Your Soul Family; other Empaths that truly Get & Understand You Completely Where There is No Need to Censor Yourself.
  • You Will Gain an Instant Support System of Like Minded Souls 
  • 45 Minutes of Free Coaching by an Empath Development Specialist

     Before purchasing this class, please email me so we can make sure this is the right fit for you, and your level of development.  I usually have beginners and within 1-2 months they are very clear as to which gifts they possess. Then comes the har part, trusting yourself.

     Here is what others have said about this course:

"If someone had told me a year ago I would be where I am today, I would have politely begged to differ. The pain and depression I felt were at times so overwhelming, I literally could not breathe. My connection with Kathleen was not an accident but a gift from above. Kathleen is one of the most amazing people I have ever known. Her concern and compassion start from the moment you meet her. She is a skilled instructor, counselor, intuitive, and healer. I started her class after she had literally changed my life, helping me deal with my depression and anxiety. I found myself surrounded by some of the most intelligent, amazing ladies on the planet. Lifetime bonds have formed. Kathleen skillfully guided us each week to another level. I was honored to be in the company of such gifted women. I am not sure when or how but one day I realized I was beginning to open up to a spiritual side I did not even realize I had. WOW!! I cannot say enough good things about Kathleen. IF you are a beginner, TAKE THE CLASS, breathe, meditate, learn all about your chakras, higher self and even meet your spirit guides and unseen friends, and that is just one class lol. IF you are more advanced Kathleen will help you accelerate your spiritual gifts. Her years in the field of counseling are very apparent and used along with her spiritual gifts create a class like none other. Any hesitation you have will melt away the moment she starts the class. Questions are encouraged as we all learn from one another. Take one day a week to open doors you never dreamed possible."-D. Patterson Berryton, KS 

Kathleen’s empath course has changed my life. I was trying to unlock some spiritual gifts I had blocked long ago and I didn’t even know what my other gifts were. Since I have been working with Kathleen only for a few short months I have grown exponentially. All of my clairs are opening up. I’ve met a few of my spirit guides. I’ve begun channeling. I’ve seen so much and so much has been revealed. This is an experience like none other. And she is so kind and never makes me feel bad about where I’m at. And she has experienced all the things I am so it helps me to be assured that I’m not crazy that this is all part of the process. She is extremely empathic and picks up on things that are just uncanny. I absolutely recommend everyone take her course. It’s is so worth it. When I’m manifesting like crazy as a result of this course I am going to send her on a trip or something. She deserves it."- L. Martin-Sacramento, CA

"I was feeling stuck from the weight of the world and could sense every emotion when I entered a room. It was TOO MUCH! Kathleen's group gave me the tools to handle my own empath abilities. Very supportive and nothing short of amazing! Highly recommend!"- S. Ross-Boynton Beach, FL