Polished Black Obsidian Point, Black Obsidian Tower,


One Polished Black Obsidian Point
Weighs 4 oz
Measures 4 x 1

Black Obsidian has been used for 100's of years for protection. When hand polished it has a beautiful sheen. Because of this it has been used for scrying for divination purposes. Some of the metaphysical properties of it are:

*Protection from abusers and psychic attacks
*Encourages truth and knowing who you truly are
*Promotes compassion and strength
*Powerful and creative stone
*Self-control and support during change
*Manifestation stone
*Stimulate growth, exploration and new opportunities
*Spiritual cleanser
*Dispel unloving thoughts
*Enhance mental clarity and clear confusion
*Draws out mental stress and tension
*Helps with emotional blockages and ancient trauma
*Stimulate gift of prophecy
*Contact your guides
*Use the shiny surface for scrying and divination
*Removes negativity
*Reflects draining energy back to the source for healing
*Release attachments, disharmony, stress, resentment, fear and anger
y placing a piece of the stone on the third eye and ask about this