Wall Decor, Wall Hanging, Original Art,High Vibrational Art, Shadow-Self Series, Healing Art


"Shadow Self" is a series of healing art by visual artist Shawn Phalen. This 10 x 8 piece is ready to hang on your wall in your sacred space, meditation room, yoga studio, office, living room or bedroom. It incorporates the color magenta which in Feng Shui is an auspicious color for the bedroom.

 This stunning painting incorporates the colors of the 2 lower and crown chakras facilitating an energetic healing, by opening, cleansing and clearing each one of these chakras. This is healing, art therapy in it's purest, most raw form.

 We are living in quickly evolving and unusual times where things are changing at a rapid pace. The decline and collapse of our old ways are being quickly replaced by new ways. In order to feel integrated we most face our shadow to heal.

Let this beautiful piece of art serve as a reminder to bring acknowledge and bring  forth your shadow self with love and compassion. The return of the Divine Feminine is upon us, buy this unique piece to invite it in, allowing it to help you heal and integrate your shadow to meet and merge with both your feminine and masculine selves.